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Birthday Cake

It’s Elspeth’s birthday today. She may not wish to reveal her age to you, dotty old thing that she is, but I can tell you that she hasn’t quite reached the stage of dying her hair blue and dedicating her life to bingo. As the older sister, that’s my department.

Happy birthday Elspeth. I hope you spent the day kicking up your heels and painting the town red. Enjoy the rest of your evening – don’t drink too much pink wine. I’m off to play bowls with Norm and Elsie. Cheers!

Birthday – The Bird And The Bee If you need an explanation, you’ve drunk too much pink wine

All The Wine – The National Because all the wine is all for you

Inner Smile – Texas Because it’s the closest I could get to that fake smile you used to do when we were kids and someone stuck a camera in your face

Good Day – Jewel Because I hope you had one