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AuroraWow. These guys have quite the circle of friends. Instrumental rock outfit Unwed Sailor have played with a power of people, most of which I’m not familiar with. I reckon there’s over 50 on the list though, which you can view in their little corner of Wiki land.

2008 marks Unwed Sailor’s tenth year of existence. Sometimes I’m annoyed when I come across a band and discover that they’ve been around forever – I feel like I’ve been missing out. Overall though I think it’s pretty cool to know that you’ve got an entire catalogue to check out, full of unknown gems ready to be explored. By the time you’ve had a chance to fall in love with your favourites, a new album will hopefully be ready, just in time for you to do it all over again.

Unwed Sailor (top band name by the way) released their latest album Little Wars in March. It was recorded over a period of five years, in three seperate sessions, involving a rotating cast of over a dozen musicians. While I haven’t heard a lot of their gear yet, I am a sucker for instrumental music of the (mostly) non-classical kind, and I’m liking what I’ve heard from these guys so far.

I don’t know if the track I’ve posted below, ‘Aurora’, refers to the coloured light displays that can be seen close to the North and South Poles, but I think that seeing those lights in real life would be big and majestic, and I can imagine watching the aurora flicker and fade under an open sky, with Unwed Sailor playing quietly in the background. Go forth and listen.

Aurora – Unwed Sailor