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So for the last few mornings when my alarm has gone off I’ve woken up to the sounds of alternative radio station Triple J. The breakky show hosts have been flogging MGMT lately, and the last three days I’ve heard them either talking about Oracular Spectacular, advertising the album, or playing a song from it. Today it was a¬†combination – a quick plug of the album again, plus a listen to ‘The Youth’, which I promptly downloaded and added to my Ipod while I was getting ready for the day. I played it several times in the car on the way to work and consequently had it floating around my head for the rest of the day.

And that’s exactly the right word for it – ‘floating’. It’s a dreamy track, lush and fresh and so damn catchy. Get it, hear it, love it.

This is a call of arms to live and love and sleep together
We could flood the streets with love or light or heat whatever
Lock the parents out, cut a rug, twist and shout
Wave your hands
Make it rain
For stars will rise again

The Youth – MGMT