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French KissKevin Kline is awesome. I’ve loved everything I’ve seen him in. A Fish Called Wanda, Fierce Creatures, In and Out, Dave, Life As A House…the list goes on. I also thought he was fantastic in French Kiss, with Meg Ryan. He plays a French scoundrel who plants a rare vine and a stolen necklace in Meg Ryan’s bag while on a flight to France, in order to get through customs. Straightlaced Meg has conquered her fear of flying in order to win back her fiance who’s dumped her for a French floozy.

The rest of the film involves Meg chasing her fiance and Kevin chasing Meg in order to recover the vine and the necklace so that he can start his dream vineyard. There are some great oneliners throughout the film, as well as some breathtaking shots of the French countryside.

The soundtrack is great too, featuring loads of French music. Kevin Kline also shows off his vocal talents with his cover of ‘La Mer’. It’s beautiful.

La Mer – Kevin Kline