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A Californian man who fed dye-stained cash into a betting machine at the races tried to collect a winning bet and was arrested. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Fred Dillon, 63, was unable to spend cash from a bank robbery because it was marked red by an exploding dye pack.

Illuminated Red – The Accidental

Two 19th-century rhino horns stolen from a museum in Cape Town, South Africa, could be deadly if sold as a popular aphrodisiac because they are drenched in poison. Museum chief Jatti Bredekamp said taxidermy mounts used to be soaked in arsenic and DDT.

Poison – Alice Cooper

Grammy-nominated violinist Philippe Quint wept when he claimed a $US4million ($A4.24million) violin he left in a taxi in New York on Monday. The driver found the 1723 Antonio Stradivari Ex-Keisewetter violin, on loan to the musician through the Stradivari Society, a day later.

Navy Taxi – Kate Nash (repost by request)