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Computer ProblemsUgh. Sometimes I hate technology. I also hate my lack of ability to manipulate it for my own purposes without going completely insane. I tried changing my theme this morning because I’m a bit tired of this one, but no matter what I tried I couldn’t find the perfect fit. I think my laptop tired of my efforts also because it decided to go into slowmo mode and, not being the most patient person in the world, its attempts to piss me right off worked beautifully.

So I’ve reverted back to my original theme, and am so frustrated with the process that I’m only going to post two tracks of the possible five or six that I was going to include to celebrate what I thought was going to be a new look here at It All Started. Hmmph!

I think I’ll go stick a fork in my eye. It might be more fun.

Woke Up New – The Mountain Goats

One (Blake’s Got A New Face) – Vampire Weekend