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Colours of Nature

Let our bloody colours wave! And either victory, or else a grave. William Shakespeare

In a line: I fell off the wagon into your arms, into this long month of Sundays

Bluebells – Patrick Wolf

In a line: I wish I was the brakeman on a hurtlin’ fevered train

Fisherman’s Blues – The Waterboys

In a line: I saw you cast your net up to the sky, you’re catching the words as they fly

Big Blue Above – Kavisha Mazella

In a line: I can’t get the devil off my back, and I’m sinking fast and I’m well aware of that

Angels Dressed In Black – Andy Whittle

In a line: I wanna catch my death of cold, cause I’m scared of growing old

Black and Blue – Chris Garneau

In a line: You’re headed for the boiling water

Black Shoes – The Films

In a line: We will swim again from the high desert’s walls, to the seas red and black

Red Sea, Black Sea – Shearwater

In a line: I miss the typewriter in the basement, I miss making your room a mess

Sea Green, See Blue – Jaymay

In a line: Sleep pretty darling, do not cry

Golden Slumbers (Cover) – Ben Folds

In a line: To the night another valentine, a burning flame

White Ladder – David Gray

Image: Colours of Nature by Arkie Barton – 13 year old Aussie painter from Mt. Isa. More info from Robert Barton Art here.