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Stressed PersonAhh I love this song. I love the intro the most, that instantly recognisable bassline, the clicks and taps, the crisp piano. Fabulous.

Legend has it that the original version of ‘Under Pressure’ was called ‘Feel Like’ (mmm…catchy) but it wasn’t until Queen got together for a jam session with David Bowie that it became the top tune we know today. Apparently there was also some confusion over who was responsible for the bassline, with Queen bassist John Deacon giving credit to Bowie, but Bowie has since confirmed that the bassline was already in place before he came on the scene. Regardless of who’s responsible, in 2005 Stylus magazine named it the best bassline in musical history.

 Under Pressure – The Used

This one is not technically a cover since Bowie is flexing his vocals in this one, but since Annie Lennox wasn’t involved in the original it gives me an excuse to post it anyway.

Under Pressure – David Bowie & Annie Lennox