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German Postcard

Translation: The biggest revolution of the century, the modified role of woman.

A friend sent me this postcard from Germany last year. On the back he wrote ‘I’m not quite sure what they’re doing, but it looks like they’re having fun’. It cracks me up every time I look at it.

Some themed tracks to go with it…

A Postcard To Nina – Jens Lekman Indie pop from a Swedish guy who’s recently moved to Melbourne – what a sensible chap!

When You Were A Postcard – Giardini Di Miro Slow dreamy track from this Italian post-rock outfit.

Postcard From A Never Ending Day – Arthur Nasson Credit to Licorice Pizza for this find. Rockin’ piano and guitar, catchy uneven melodies and unpredictable lyrics.

You went to join the circus
I thought it sounded so cliched
The part I like the best was when you wore that tiger suit
I woulda paid a lot of money to see you jumpin through that hoop