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Plans for a new youth centre to tackle teenage delinquency and crime in the village of Traismauer, Austria, are on hold. The prepacked building, delivered in boxes, was stolen the day after it arrived in the village.

Robbers – Cold War Kids

A kindergarten in Koskullskulle, northern Sweden, has banned staff and children from wearing clothes with stripes or dots to avoid triggering a staff member’s migraines.

Headache (Live) – Frank Black

After being deemed unsuitable for Venezuelan children, ‘The Simpsons’ has been dropped from morning TV and replaced by ‘Baywatch’.

Dumb Dumb Dumb – Teenage Fanclub

A man who broke into a funeral parlour in Spain tried to fool police by playing dead. He lay very still on a table used for viewing corpses during wakes, but police suspicions were raised by his scruffy clothes, and his chest rising and falling.

Play Dead – The Luyas

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