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BowingThose brave souls who dare to cover Van Morrison…indeed we should bow down before them with our fingers crossed and our hearts beating wildly as we hope and pray that they won’t needlessly murder a classic and become yet another statistic.

Here’s a few people who, while they don’t come close to the original, put a new spin on both tracks and manage to avoid becoming cover roadkill. Enjoy.

Sweet Thing – The Weird Weeds*

Into The Mystic – Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova

*Side note: I quite enjoy the Weird Weeds cover, so I went to their website and downloaded a couple of other tracks. They’re right. They are weird. Here’s what I believe is the most grating song I’ve ever downloaded during my illustrious trigger happy mp3 downloading career. Fingernails and a blackboard, anyone?

 A Goose – The Weird Weeds

And for those of you who’ve been lying awake nights, wondering desperately whether or not Van Morrison has responded to my open letter yet, let me put you out of your misery and say that no, he has not yet accepted my invitation. Pity.