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As a frequent trawler of all the gazillions of music blogs out there, I often download unfamiliar tracks without listening to them first. It may be the name of the band that catches my eye, it may be the blogger’s description that piques my interest, or (more often than not) the name of the song. I then make a playlist out of them, whack them on my Ipod and, with great anticipation, listen to them in order without skipping ahead (usually).

It is the use of this haphazard method that has led me to discover Sigur Ros, The Notwist, Jaymay, Okkervil River, DeVotchKa, MGMT, Patrick Wolf, Locksley, Murder Mystery, The Maccabees, Amina, Antony & The Johnsons, Ben Kweller, The Flaming Lips and loads more.

Obviously I’ve come across loads of rubbish as well, but that’s the beauty of the mp3…easily downloadable, easily deletable.

Here’s some of the great stuff that I’ve come across in the last month or so. Dig in!

Paisley Pattern Ground – The Black Hollies (retro rock n roll sound)

Don’t Stop – Pocketbooks (peppy UK pop with sweet sounding female vocals)

The Heart Bionic – Bobby Bare Jr (title grabbed me first, fab sound got it on the list)

Lovely Allen – Holy F*ck (holy f*ck…this is, well….lovely)

Toothpaste Kisses – The Maccabees (laid back UK indie poprock)

Attempting To Multiply – Aster (great synths and vocals)

Afterall – William Fitzsimmons (a quiet, understated slow burner of a track)

Lay Back Down – Eric Lindell (slightly cheesy, slightly country, nice sax though)

* The star is there because I am a lady.