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I have to give credit to Pedro (again) for this Fave Find. Singer-songwriter David Ford was formerly part of indie band Easyworld (who I’d never heard of til now) but has since gone solo and released two albums, I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I’ve Caused (2005) and Songs For The Road (2007). From what I hear his live gigs are highly interactive and not to be missed – he’s recently toured the UK and has a couple of dates coming up in the US this month.

The biography on his website is fantastic, and I’m going to take the lazy way out and tell you to go check that out for more info – it’s way better than anything I could write on the guy anyway. Instead, I’m going to highlight some lyrics, because it’s usually the lyrics of a song that grab me first.

The lyrics of the anthemic ‘St. Peter’ – I’m always a little reluctant to try and identify the meaning of a song, but I think ‘St. Peter’ is about trying to do the right thing, yet accepting that sometimes you’ll fail in the attempt.

I’ve embraced imperfection, it’s alright not to win
I won’t scream down St. Peter when he won’t let me in

Every now and then I hear a song or even just a line in a song and I think ‘damn, someone got there first, I’m sure I would’ve thought of that…eventually’. Here’s the bit I wish I’d written myself – it’s often pretty hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys.

so ain’t it hard now my brother
to try and do what you should
when the shameless and the wicked
they dress the same as the good

I also love the emphasis he puts on certain words, “packhorse” and “painted white”, they’re spat out, almost in disgust. Throw in a simple melody and some harmonica goodness, and you’ve got my favourite track this week. Sensational.

Make sure you check out the acerbic ‘State of the Union’ as well – there’s a great piece on this track here at Out The Other.

How they love you so cold and so vicious
With friends like these, well who needs politicians

Well said David…well said.

St Peter – David Ford

State Of The Union – David Ford

Nobody Tells Me What To Do – David Ford

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