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The Pop Cop recently did an interview with Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit in which he discusses each track on their new album The Midnight Organ Fight.

Here’s his take on the second track, I Feel Better’.

I took a trip to New York to surprise a girl and salvage the relationship but it didn’t really work out the way I intended so I came back and tried to sort out my life here and put that to one side, which is the point of the song – to say, ‘I’m done with this’. It’s about the process of recovery – getting worse before you can get better and maybe coming out of it feeling even better than you did before. It’s like shaking off a disease.

I Feel Better – Frightened Rabbit 

Elspeth hasn’t been feeling too good for a while, but she’s got some stuff happening soon that will hopefully help her feel better. So while this track doesn’t relate to her in the way that Scott Hutchison describes, the whole process of recovery quote is spot on.

And if you need to get worse before you can get better, then I guess Elspeth has definitely got that part covered.

Elspeth, here’s to the feeling better.

And here’s hoping your doctor doesn’t look like this.