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Spicks and Specks is an Aussie music quiz show that airs here on the ABC on Wednesday nights. It’s hosted by comedian Adam Hills, who is joined by regular team captains Alan Brough and Myf Warhurst. Each captain is joined by two guests, who are usually musicians or comedians or performers of some kind. It’s packed full of trivia questions and games that vary from week to week, is usually very funny, and is a must-watch here at my house.

Tonight’s episode introduced me to Newton Faulkner, who was on Myf’s team. I thought he was nice and all, but didn’t really pay too much attention to him until he stood up to sing to his team during the game ‘Substitute’, which involves a team member singing the words from a book (his was something to do with decorative dough shapes) to the tune of a popular song. Their fellow team mates then have to identify the song and the artist who performed it.

I was immediately struck by his beautiful voice, clear and very easy to listen to. I was especially impressed because I was able to figure out which songs he was singing – I’m usually really bad at that game. So either his singing was sublime, or I was on fire tonight with the answers. I think perhaps it was his singing.

So of course I then had to check him out. Quick run down: He’s English and began growing his trademark dreads when he was 14. He’s supported John Mayer, James Morrison and The John Butler Trio on tour. His first full length album is called Hand Built By Robots and was #1 on the UK charts in August last year.

On top of being responsible for poppy acoustic goodness…he also seems to be a really nice guy. Only thing that I’m annoyed about though is that I’ve missed his recent Aussie dates. Not happy Jan!

Dream Catch Me – Newton Faulkner

To The Light (Acoustic) – Newton Faulkner