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Technically, the term ‘whipround’ is used when people pass the hat around to informally collect money for something. I’m using it though to refer to interesting stuff I’ve come across while aimlessly trawling the net when I should be doing something more valuable. Like curing cancer or facilitating world peace or trying to figure out what’s so good about Lost. I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world who saw the 7 millionth promotional ad and tired of the damn show before it even went to air.

Anyway… here’s some of the stuff that’s caught my eye this week.


stupid numberplate over at 15 Minute Lunch.

An update – I saw a number plate today that read SYCWRD. Psych ward?

A couple of funny pics from Crummy Church Signs.



Blog love from the Almighty

Continuing with the religious theme, I discovered the hilarious What Would Jesus Blog? this week. To people who didn’t enjoy Juno, Jesus has this simple message:

I did make you special. I did make you unique. But I also made you to enjoy Juno, and it breaks My heart when you go against how you were made. To the two of you reading this who are on My short list of “People God Made That Will Not Be Able To Enjoy Juno”, this post is not for you. I love you, now go watch Alvin And The Chipmunks again.

From the 90’s

Anyone remember that Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon website? I stumbled across it years ago and somehow tracked it down again this week. For those of you who are unaware of this completely pointless yet kinda cool phenomenon, in the 90’s three college guys created a game called Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon, inspired by a throwaway comment Bacon made in an interview, in which he said that he’d worked with everyone in Hollywood, or has worked with someone who’s worked with them.

The Oracle of Bacon allows you to enter the name of any actor, which will then enable you to learn how many degrees of separation there are between said actor and Kevin Bacon, and will give that actor a “Bacon number”. I tried obscure Aussie actors (eg. Home & Away’s Kate Ritchie) earlier in the hope of obtaining a high Bacon number (I think 9 is the highest), but 4 was the best I could do.

And to wrap it all up

A random track for your listening pleasure:

Smoke – Howlies

And yes, in answer to your question. I do have too much time on my hands.