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scold.pngEvery day Australian newspaper The Age has a short section called ‘Odd Spot’ on the front page. Here’s a couple from the week just gone, in which two elderly women triumph over adversity. Love it!

An 83-year-old German pensioner chased down a thief less than half her age and berated the man until he returned her handbag. The man fled after he stole the bag from a basket on the woman’s bicycle, but the pensioner rode after him and scolded him until he returned it.

An archer has achieved a one-in-a-million feat of marksmanship after splitting one arrow with another. What makes the shot even more remarkable is that Tilly Trotter is blind. The 74-year-old grandmother pulled off the shot, known as a “Robin Hood”, in Somerset.  

How It Should Be – Ben Kweller