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Iron Orchestra is the side project of Ben Cooper of Radical Face. He and his brother Emeral write instrumental pieces together and sneak into their local college to record them using a dodgy out of tune piano.

Good news though – they recently got hold of a new (used) piano that means they now have the full use of every note. Ben’s most recent entry on their website says ‘I’d forgotten what it was like to play a piano that was properly tuned and all the keys functioned. I’d grown accustomed to not using certain notes, because they didn’t function on the old one.’ It also means they won’t have to wait til the dead of night in order to record their latest creations.

The track below, ‘Black Snow’, makes me think of the scene in Edward Scissorhands, where Kim (Winona Ryder) is outside dancing in the snow that Edward (the gorgeous Johnny Depp) creates while making ice sculptures. It’s beautiful.

Black Snow – Iron Orchestra 

Side note: Just discovered that during casting for Edward Scissorhands, Tom Cruise (ew) was Twentieth-Century Fox’s first choice and that Tom Hanks (who I do like) and Michael Jackson (who I don’t like) were also briefly in the mix. Can you imagine? Shudder shudder shudder.