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Ya gotta love the internet sometimes…how else could an Aussie girl from the country have heard of Boston band The Cyanide Valentine? When I was contacted by Jake Zavracky of The Cyanide Valentine the other day, I must admit I did make a snap judgement of them when I saw their name. I had to laugh when I read further and saw his assertion ‘it isn’t emo despite what everyone seems to expect from the name’. He’s right. They’re not.

Their myspace describes their music as ‘dreamy electro-rock’ and for a band with a sound that’s hard to define, that’s just as good a description as any. It’s not the kind of music I would listen to usually, but there’s something about the misty vocals and chunky beats that makes me go back for seconds and thirds. Maybe I like it because it differs so much from my current diet of indie rock and mellow acoustic-ness.

You’ve also gotta love a band who’s willing to release a whole album as a free download on their website, although as they begin to receive more attention via their proactive approach in contacting blogs such as mine, you would imagine they’ll start charging the $$$ soon. There’s no doubt that people will be willing to shell out for this stuff.

Highlights of their second release The Three Sides Of The Cyanide Valentine include the catchy ‘Neanderthals’ and ‘Nosferatu’, along with the quieter ‘The Sweetest Season’. ‘The Reprise’ would also be at home on a dancefloor and would lend itself nicely to a remix or two (though I think it’s fine the way it is).

Check them out below:

Neanderthals – The Cyanide Valentine

Nosferatu – The Cyanide Valentine

The Sweetest Season – The Cyanide Valentine

The Reprise – The Cyanide Valentine