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goat1.jpgIt’s taken me a while to jump on board the Mountain Goat’s wagon. My first taste of the Mountain Goats was when I heard the heartrending ‘Woke Up New’, which I loved immediately, but I couldn’t really get into their other stuff. However, on the recommendation of a friend, I gave recently released Heretic Pride a listen.

I wasn’t too sure at first, but after a couple of run throughs it really grew on me and now I love it, and I was really looking forward to checking them out live in Melbourne in a few weeks time.

So imagine my dismay to receive an email from aforementioned friend informing me that they’d cancelled their Australian tour. Here’s the word from the Boss Goat himself, on their website:

As some Australian ticketholders have already heard, we have had to cancel the Australian tour. This is really devastating for us to do. Everybody knows I don’t cancel a show unless I absolutely have to; what’s worse, coming to Australia is the highlight of our year. So many of our favorite shows ever are from our Australian tours, and we were excited about showing everyone the full-band lineup. The note sent out by our wonderful Australian agents, Handsome Tours, says “for personal medical reasons,” and that says as much as need be said; if it weren’t serious, I would be leaving for Oz next week, believe me. You’ll be doing me a great favor if you keep me in your thoughts and prayers, and if you know in your heart that I don’t play around in doing right by the people I love:
I will be back to make this up to you.
Thank you for your understanding and again I am really really sorry.
Love to you all
John D.

I’m pretty disappointed, but as I’m not a diehard fan, I’m sure there are people who are feeling it much more than I am.  Hopefully recovery will be speedy and they’ll come visit us some time in the (near) future.

I’ll just have to console myself with the tracks below:

San Bernadino – The Mountain Goats

Sept 15, 1983 – The Mountain Goats

How To Embrace A Swamp Creature – The Mountain Goats