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I’m on a big Okkervil River kick at the moment. After seeing them live a few weeks ago, I find myself frequently reliving the experience via my trusty Ipod. In my car, in my room, in my head.

During some random surfing yesterday I came across two separate discussions of Okkervil River’s excellent track ‘Plus Ones’, which does a lyrical dance through several eras of music.

The first one I read hails from September last year, on the amusingly named Merry Swankster blog. It’s a verse by verse breakdown of the song, detailing the number-related songs that Will Sheff cheekily refers to, adding 1 to every number he references eg. No one wants a tune about the 100th luftballoon. It’s a fantastic in-depth analysis.

Merry Swankster then led me to another discussion of the tune on Blogs Are For Dogs, in which the lyrics are laid out, signposted along the way with mp3s of the tracks that Will Sheff has borrowed from. Very cool post.

I absolutely love this song, for its lyrical cleverness, its cheekiness and its gradual build. Here’s my favourite bit:

I told you, I can’t listen, baby, ’bout the 4th time you were a lady and how your forthrightness betrayed a secret shyness
Stripped away by days of being hailed as “your highness”
And what’s new, pussycat, is you were once a lionness
They cut your claws out
Kitten, not everyone’s keen on lighting candle 17, the party’s done, the cake’s all gone, the plates are clean

And here’s a (re)post of the track in question:

Plus Ones – Okkervil River