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On this day in 1279 the Song Dynasty in China came to end. How do I know this, you ask?

When searching for a theme for this post, I visited my old friend Wikipedia to find out if anything interesting had happened on March 19 throughout history. The only thing that grabbed my attention was the downfall of the Song Dynasty. I wondered how many tracks I had lurking in Itunes with the word ‘song’ or ‘end’ in them.

Quite a few as it turns out – here’s a quick sample.

‘O Song’ is highly recommended, as is ‘Adam Hillsong’ by comedian Tim Minchin – a very clever ode to Adam Hills, host of the excellent Aussie TV show Spicks and Specks, and performed at the end of an episode in 2006. The ‘monopodial embrace’ line refers to Adam’s artificial right foot.

Adam Hillsong – Tim Minchin

O Song (Live) – Augie March

Hotel Song – Regina Spektor

Made Up Love Song #43 – The Guillemots

Songwriter – Van Morrison Removed by request

Childhood Songs – Billy Connolly

Love Me Like The World Is Ending – Ben Lee

Never-Ending Story – Within Temptation