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postage1-copy.jpgDue to a slight error in my calculations, yesterday’s A Hunk Of Burning Arnie was my 100th post. Damn politicians/action heroes/Elvis impersonators. They get their grubby mitts on everything!

So today is my 101st post, though we’re going to treat it like the 100th and party like it is.

Let’s crack open some footy franks and Tia Maria…it’s show time! 

Aussie singer-songwriter Missy Higgins kicks it off with ‘100 Round The Bends’. She follows complications like a bloodhound and sees reflections in eyeballs – a welcome addition to any celebration! 

In a line: We’ll pretend feeling rage is feeling real

100 Round The Bends – Missy Higgins

Tinkly xylophone opening that gives way to an orchestral uprising. Definitely not your average track. Love it.

In a line: I don’t care where you come from we all go in the same direction

100 Million Reasons Why – Roman Ruins 

How can you not love the soulful voice of Sharon Jones? This track starts off fast then smoulders to an end. Reckon these guys would be a great live act to see.

In a line: 100 days for this heart to unfold

100 Days, 100 Nights – Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings

Taking it down a notch, Mark Mallman follows up with the ultra-catchy ‘Turn Of The Century’. 

In a line: Between the devil and middle C

Turn Of The Century – Mark Mallman

Since it’s technically not the 100th post, Albert Hammond Jr (The Strokes) gets to crash the party with the peppy ditty ‘Back To The 101’. Catchy melody.

In a line: I never said to love me back

Back To The 101 – Albert Hammond Jr

A punk offering from Social Distortion. Lead singer Mike Ness sounds like he’s singing through a mouthful of drawing pins, which would be quite the party trick.

In a line: Gotta pocket full of memories

Highway 101 – Social Distortion

Quiet vocals and bare guitar don’t exactly lend themselves easily to a party atmosphere. This track perhaps belongs in a darkened bedroom as you peel your sandpaper eyelids open and tell yourself that everything’s going to be ok…you’ll never party again.

In a line: You’ve turned in circles all your life just so your shadow wouldn’t show 

Lullaby 101 – Redbird