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lettere.jpgIt’s a simple idea, where I post songs that all have one thing in common – the letter that they begin with. Original? Not at all. Pointless? Probably.

Having said that though, every song is highly recommended and should be checked out by your good self immediately! 

A very eclectic selection for you today.   

Who doesn’t love the bit in The Sound Of Music when Captain Von Trapp sings ‘Edelweiss’ in the drawing room with Leisel backing him up, and Maria leans against the wall in her pale green dress, with an ethereal glow and a look that says she’ll “never be a nun”?

edel3.jpgMy sisters and I loved this movie when we were kids and watched it countless times. We lived in a double story house for a few years, and we even played Sound of Music, acting out the scene on the stairs when the kids sing goodnight to the party guests before going to bed. Yes. We were dorks.

Now whenever I hear this song I’m always reminded of Saving Francesca, an excellent book by Australian writer Melina Marchetta. There’s a scene in it when Francesca is talking to Jimmy, a boy that she goes to school with, about their favourite movies.

“So what’s your favourite?” he yells out. “‘The Sound of Music?'”
He catches up to me.
“I’m not as easy to work out as you are,” I tell him as we walk past David Jones.
“It is. I can tell. You love ‘The Sound of Music’.”
“No I don’t.”
“You’ve watched it fifteen times. You’ve jumped around a gazebo pretending you’re sixteen going on seventeen. You’ve sung ‘My Favourite Things’ when you’re sad, and every time Captain Von Trapp’s voice catches during ‘Edelwiess’, you bawl your eyes out.”
I stop and look at him, ready to deny it but then I feel my mouth twitching. “Seems like I’ve watched it one or two times less than you have,” I say.

Edelweiss – Sound of Music

Let me preface my comments about William Fitzsimmons by saying this: I am multi-instrumental. I can play the piano (poorly), the harmonica (tunelessly) and the recorder** (dismally), as well as the spoons, the drums and the xylophone (woefully).

William Fitzsimmons plays the piano, guitar, trombone, banjo, melodica, ukulele and mandolin. He also engineers and produces his own music. Talented little rascal.

The track I like the most from his offerings is ‘Everything Has Changed’. I’m always a bit reluctant to write about the meaning of a song, because I think that music means different things to different people. Sometimes you can even find new meanings in a song you’ve known for ages that reflect the way in which you interpret things as events in your life shake and shift.

So I’ll say that I believe this song relates to the breakdown of a relationship or marriage, although when I first heard it, the opening verse made me think of the way you feel after someone close to you has died.

Today I saw my father standing in the graveyard
Looking very somber looking for his mom
When he finally found her he said that it was different
Everything is different nothing’s really changed

Everything Has Changed – William Fitzsimmons

I’ve featured the excellent Juno soundtrack on here a bit already…I know there’s a saying about not flogging a dead horse, but I think this horse still has a little bit of puff in him yet.

Expectations – Belle & Sebastian

I know I posted a New Pornographers song a couple of letters ago, but this song is too good not to include, so deal with it!

Entering White Cecilia – New Pornographers

elvis.jpgElvis ain’t dead. He’s working in a kiosk in Charlton. He’s running a fish and chip shop in Wollongong. He’s working at the abs in Colac. He’s a parking inspector in Barwon Heads. Thankya verra much.

Elvis Ain’t Dead – Scouting For Girls

Check out the rest of the alphabet here.

 ** Does anyone else in this world believe that the recorder is one of man’s most annoying and pointless inventions? And that whoever decided that it would be a good instrument for kids to learn in schools should be drawn and quartered?