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It’s a simple idea, where I post songs that all have one thing in common – the letter that they begin with. Original? Not at all. Pointless? Probably.

Having said that though, every song is highly recommended and should be checked out by your good self immediately! 

Don’t Give Up The Fight – The Magic Numbers 

Laid back plea to resurrect a failing relationship (I think).

I look in your eyes but honey I can see nothing at all
And everybody’s starting to know
She turned and she said to me
Baby baby please
Don’t give up the fight

Sounds gloomy but isn’t.

Dark Wings – Within Temptation

A friend introduced me to symphonic rock/metal outfit Within Temptation a few years ago. I love these guys – their 2000 album Mother Earth is my favourite of their releases. Check back here for a longer feature soon.

Deep Water – Jewel

You wake up to realize
Your standard of living somehow got stuck on survive
When you’re standing in deep water
And you’re bailing yourself out with a straw
And when you’re drowning in deep water
And you wake up making love to a wall
Well it’s these little times that help to remind
It’s nothing without love

Dreams – Cranberries

A great track, love the opening, love the breathy soaring vocals, love it all.

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