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Big thanks to Pedro for pointing me in the direction of The Thrills, an Irish indie band who have been around since 2001. Wikipedia tells me their debut album So Much For The City (2003) made it to #1 in Ireland, with the majority of it being written during a holiday they spent in Santa Cruz. So Much For The City is the album I’ve spent the most time with, but I plan to check out their other releases, Let’s Bottle Bohemia (2004) and last year’s Teenager, more thoroughly as well.

The first track I heard was ‘Santa Cruz (You’re Not That Far)’ and I remember thinking that they sounded a bit like the Beach Boys – catchy melodies, vocal harmonies and that surf n’ sand kinda feeling. So it was no surprise to discover that they list the Beach Boys as one of their main influences.

What I like about The Thrills is the way they can be playful one minute eg. ‘Big Sur’, ‘Say It Ain’t So’ and ‘Santa Cruz (You’re Not That Far)’, but can then switch to mellow and reflective in ‘Til The Tide Creeps In’ (which I’ve discovered includes a hidden track as well).

Check them out, they’re a lot of fun.

Santa Cruz (It’s Not That Far) – The Thrills

Big Sur – The Thrills

Say It Ain’t So – The Thrills

Til The Tide Creeps In – The Thrills