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freddies.jpgI don’t know a lot about Freddie Stevenson, but I do know this – he makes some damn fine music.

He taught himself to play guitar (so he’s clever) and began writing songs at a young age, before releasing his first EP in 2004. Subsequent releases include Body On The Line (2006) and the widely anticipated (by me at least!) All My Strange Companions, due for release on the 15th April this year in the US, which means sometime later on for us Aussies.

Not only does he have a great acoustic guitar based sound, his offbeat lyrics make for a fun listening experience. I think Freddie is a bit sneaky too – he must know that sometimes a quirky turn of phrase is all I need to fall for a song, and when you combine said turn of phrase with a mention of J.K. Rowling, the woman responsible for the creation of my favourite boy wizard…well, I’m sold! That’s me, convinced. (The song I mention is ‘Easy Now’, and you can check it out later on in this post).

I’ve actually posted one of Freddie’s tracks before, ‘If An Alien Astronomer Could See Us From Afar’ in Song Titles Of The Quirky Persuasion. Here’s three more to get you all geared up for his upcoming album.

From EP:

Woe To You My Princess – Freddie Stevenson (Another awesome title, and my current favourite)

From Body On The Line:

If You Don’t Kiss Me – Freddie Stevenson

From All My Strange Companions:

Easy Now – Freddie Stevenson (the J.K. Rowling song I mentioned earlier)

Check out his website here and his myspace here.