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letter-b.jpgIt’s a simple idea, where I post songs that all have one thing in common – the letter that they begin with. Original? Not at all. Pointless? Probably.

Having said that though, every song is highly recommended and should be checked out by your good self immediately! 

Better Be Home Soon – Crowded House

Classic song from a classic band.

Big Blue Above – Kavisha Mazella

Featured on the excellent Australian drama series ‘SeaChange’.

I saw you cast your net up to the sky

You’re catching the words as they fly

Spray ’em with black ink upon a white page

Wrap ’em and bind ’em with your joy and rage

Braille – Regina Spektor

A track from the wonderful Regina Spektor, who inspired the naming of this blog. Go here to check out the full lyrics – they’re excellent.

Brain Damage – The Waifs

Adding to the mainly Aussie flavour of this post are folk outfit The Waifs. I’m going out to damage my brain…

Check out the rest of the alphabet here.