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lovemyway.jpgLove My Way is a gritty and powerful Australian drama starring Claudia Karvan and a fantastic ensemble cast that includes Brendan Cowell, Dan Wylie, Asher Keddie, Ben Mendelsohn, Justine Clarke, Sam Worthington and Alex Cook.

It revolves around the lives of several 30-somethings who are all part of an extended family unit. Frankie (Karvan) and Charlie (Wylie) are the parents of Lou (Cook) and have been separated for some time. Julia (Keddie) is Charlie’s new wife and probably my favourite character. Tom (Cowell) is Charlie’s brother and lives with Frankie and Lou. Confused? Don’t be, watch it and you’ll sort out who’s who very quickly!

I loved this show, although due to its screening on pay TV, which I don’t have, I had to wait for its DVD release. This meant that I had the luxury of watching each episode back to back. This was great, as I obviously didn’t have to wait a week in between each episode, but its strong and dramatic content often meant that I couldn’t watch more than one or two episodes at once. While it’s a brilliant show, I was often left with an unsettled feeling that meant I had to ration it out in order to avoid feeling as low as the characters often seemed to feel.

Don’t let that stop you from checking it out yourself though – while the characters often seem to be experiencing more lows than highs, Love My Way is honest, realistic and infused with humour. While the relationships of the characters are complicated and at times volatile, there is a real warmth that exists between them.

Love My Way also featured some fantastic music, including the track below. Get it now!

The Healing Power of Helpless Laughter – Charlie Owen, Don Walker & Tex Perkins