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Free Indie is a website that has free album downloads from unsigned artists and are sorted into categories including ‘Rocking’, ‘Mellow’, ‘Folky’, ‘Pop Rock’ and ‘Punk’, amongst others.

It was Free Indie that lead me to Canadian folk singer Jeremy Fisher, although a quick search on Hype Machine shows that he’s been blog fodder for about a year now.

Further research told me that in 2001 Fisher spent 6 months travelling from Seattle across Canada to Halifax to promote his debut album Back Porch Spirituals. Why did it take 6 months you ask? Because he travelled the 7500 kilometres by bike, dubbing his journey ‘One Less Tourbus’. Love it!

His tunes are catchy and upbeat, with my personal favourite being ‘Scar That Never Heals’. He’s currently touring in the US – dates available on his myspace page.

Scar That Never Heals – Jeremy Fisher

Cigarette – Jeremy Fisher

Jolene – Jeremy Fisher

American Girls – Jeremy Fisher

16mm Dream – Jeremy Fisher