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Little Birdy recently announced that they would be performing only 3 shows before they head back to the studio to record their next album. Luckily, I was able to get tickets to their Melbourne show at The Corner in March!

I saw them at The Pub in Bendigo last year, and they were awesome. Big sound, great crowd interaction and even a reference to the woeful performance of their song ‘Come On Come On’ by Australian Idol finalist Lara Krost. Something along the lines of ‘Did anyone see that girl on Idol totally murder our song? Well, this is how you f***ing do it!’ Was great fun.

So I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them again, in a bigger venue this time. Although hopefully The Corner won’t be as hot or as crowded, like it was at The National gig. Ned Collette (who supported The National recently) will play at the Melbourne gig, and Little Birdy lead singer Katy Steele will also perform solo at the beginning of their set.

Here are a few of my favourite Little Birdy tracks.

Beautiful To Me – Little Birdy

Baby Blue – Little Birdy

Tonight’s The Night – Little Birdy

Their website is great too, lots of colour, pics, videos and streamed music.