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Unless it’s a whole swag of em… 

Was randomly surfing the net and came across the above picture. Is anyone else freaked out by it? I don’t know what it is but clowns are scary! I certainly don’t know where they got their reputation as child friendly entertainers.

Check out the guys in the picture above. The only one that’s smiling is the guy sitting on the ground in front of the ‘I’m A Little Teapot’ clown. And that smile says sinister things – no balloon animals and squirty flowers from this bunch.

I can handle the red nose and big clown mouth, but the ones that freak me out the most are the ones with the weepy eyes – see that guy sitting fifth from the left in the front row? He’s got the weepy diamond eye thing going on, and not even the fact he’s wearing some strange headband reminiscent of David Beckham (a man who often looks like a clown without even trying) is enough to scare away the fact that this picture truly horrifies me.

So in order to negate these uncomfortable feelings, here are some clown songs that don’t scare me. Oh, apart from ‘Ha Ha The Clown’, which was released on a record called ‘Down By The Station’ in the 1960s. Luckily, children’s music has moved on since then. Thank goodness for The Wiggles, I say (but the sooner High 5 give it up, the better).

Everybody’s Clown – Len Wade

Tears of a Clown – The Beat

Death of a Clown – The Kinks

Joker and Clown – Grand National

Clown Prince – The Triffids

Jumper Clown – Marc Riley

Ha Ha The Clown – Down By The Station