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My last couple of posts haven’t been very music related – I will get back on track tomorrow, with my review of The National’s gig in Melbourne on Friday night.

Silly Sunday is another segment I’m adding – mainly because I’ve found a truckload of Ernie and Bert stuff on YouTube that I love, and I needed an excuse to post some of it!

Ernie and Bert were always my favourites on Sesame St. Apparently, Ernie and Bert were my imaginary friends when I was little too. I’m the oldest in my family, and before my other siblings came along, Ernie and Bert were my constant companions. According to my mum, she had to set places at the table for them at tea time, and once I had an absolute conniption because she supposedly shut the door on Bert as he was climbing into the car and he got his fingers jammed!

Anyway, I still think Ernie and Bert are hilarious – I love how Ernie is always trying to take advantage of the long suffering Bert and how annoyed Bert gets with him. Very cute!

Ernie and Bert Go to the Movies