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Where to begin…

Okkervil River are an indie rock band from the USA. I’ve loved them since I first heard ‘John Allyn Smith Sails’ by chance while surfing the net. I think what draws me to them most is the originality of Will Sheff’s lyrics, and the way every song is a story.

It would be easy to use words like ‘despondent’ and ‘gloomy’ to describe Okkervil River’s music, but it’s impossible for me to think of it in that way as I get so caught up in the lyrical cleverness of each song. And, while much of their music is quiet and contemplative, they are also masters of uptempo and aggressive rock numbers. With such a great range, they can provide a soundtrack to both late night reflective moments, as well as those times when you just want to jam up the volume and shout.

Here are my faves…

Quiet(ish) ones

Love to a Monster

A Stone

Girl In Port

John Allyn Smith Sails

Louder Ones

Unless It’s Kicks

You Can’t Hold the Hand of a Rock and Roll Man

O, Dana (Big Star Cover)