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I’ve liked Jewel since I first heard ‘Who Will Save Your Soul’ on my bathroom radio when I was about 12. I remember thinking the lyrics were really different to anything I’d heard before and that her voice was really unusual.

I saw her live at ‘A Day on the Green’ about 5 years ago. I was really, really excited about seeing her – even more excited that I was about seeing George, who were also playing the same day.

When we arrived, there were notices posted everywhere that said Jewel was no longer performing as the headline act, and would be doing an hour-long set instead of the two hour one that was originally planned.

I don’t know if she was sick or she had somewhere else to be or what. Anyway, when she came out it was just her and her guitar – which was fine – but she was really subdued. I’d read that one of the great things about a Jewel gig was the way she involved the audience in her show, and how the stories she would tell were just as entertaining as her music. There was little evidence of that at this event.

What ended up happening was that I was terribly disappointed with Jewel’s performance. Perhaps my expectations were too high? Maybe.

However, the night took a turn for the better when George, who had taken up the two hour set that Jewel had abandoned, came out to play.

They were awesome. Big sound, high energy, soaring vocals. Definitely made up for the Jewel thing.

Having bagged her gig out though, I still love Jewel, and can even forgive the momentary blip that was 0304.

Here’s the song that kicked it off for me, plus 5 other favourites (and it was hard to choose just 5!)

Who Will Save Your Soul – Jewel

Foolish Games (Live) – Jewel

Down So Long – Jewel

Grey Matter – Jewel

Everybody Needs Someone Sometime – Jewel

Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone – Jewel