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Next Friday night Elspeth and I are heading down to Melbourne to see The National at the Corner Hotel. Are we excited? You betchya!

To celebrate I’m going to post a track a day in the leadup to the big night.

I have to start with the first song by The National that I ever heard. I had put a whole lot of new music on my Ipod and on this particular day I was walking down to the shops to buy something that I’m sure was vital to my everyday existence – shoelaces, a whistle, a remote controlled helicopter perhaps – and the opening notes of ‘All The Wine’ came on.

I remember thinking ‘this sounds alright’, but it wasn’t until I heard the lyric ‘big wet bottle in my fist, big wet rose in my teeth, I’m a perfect piece of ass’ that I thought ‘hang on a minute, this is awesome!’ I think a couple of people mistook me for a crazy person as I ambled along the footpath grinning like an idiot and chuckling to myself, but what did I care? I had just discovered The National.

All The Wine – The National

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