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The first time I heard Regina Spektor’s ‘Carbon Monoxide’ took place at a time where I had begun to change my listening habits, bored with listening to the same old stuff and ready for a change.

I was at a friend’s place in Melbourne. ‘Hey listen to this, it’s pretty neat’ he says casually.

So I did…one word…awesome.

The piano, simple but striking. The voice – wow. The words – had no idea what the hell she was on about, but loved it anyway!

I immediately had to find out what else Regina had to offer, which led me to ‘Fidelity’, ‘On the Radio’ and ‘Samson’, among many others. Each song is a little window that offers a glimpse into the life of her (often very odd!) characters.

I’ve discovered a lot of music since I first heard ‘Carbon Monoxide’ and I plan to share what I like with anyone who stumbles across my blog.

I’m still learning how this blog stuff works so please bear with me.

Carbon Monoxide – Regina Spektor 

Fidelity – Regina Spektor

On The Radio – Regina Spektor

Samson – Regina Spektor